William  B. Canfield

G E N E R A L  C O N T R A C T O R


Custom Additions

Care, pride, and Craftmanship

goes into every job we take on. You will find that our expertise in design, planning, preparation and execution of your project will result in a finished product you will enjoy for a lifetime. We take pride in the quality of workmanship our subcontractors deliver time and time again. We personally sit down with you to plan how the design of your project will suit your needs best. Then, we will plan the least invasive way to go about constructing this design around your daily lives. We will find the most responsible methods to conserve resources as much as possible while still keeping costs to a reasonable level.


Kitchens and Bathrooms


Large or small we will help you find the perfect design, cabinetry, appliances, fixtues and surfaces to fit your lifestyle. Its all in the details...



Great rooms, garages, kitchens, sunrooms, Decks, Porches, Portugos...we have done it all. We will listen to your needs and build an addition that fulfills them.


Detailed Living Spaces


Large or small, Simple or detailed.  We can build on the spaces of your dreams...we will work in your budget to deliver the final product you will enjoy for decades!

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